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when I move in with my man and I have a high paying job:

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Between The Buried and Me - Sun of Nothing

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Swahili /// Museum Mouth

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Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) caught in mid-breach attacking a seal decoy at Seal Island, False Bay, South Africa.

Photographs by Irish photographer David Jenkins

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I’m so fucking upset right now like the last thing I needed was another hurdle to jump through between now and fucking finals week 

I’m so fucking MAD 

my teacher lost my goddamn hand lettering projects and I have to turn them in for a candidacy review in less than two weeks and I already have so much shit to fucking do and now I have two more projects that’ll take at least 6 hours to redo 

fucking fuck fuck fuCK

Between The Buried And Me “Lay Your Ghosts To Rest” Music Video



Between The Buried And Me have released a new music video for “Lay Your Ghosts To Rest.” Watch the video below after the jump. 

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its a young boys first year of school and his dad is very proud of him. his dad is really rich and shit so he asks his son”what do you want as your reward?” his son says “one grain of sugar” and his dad  thinks its kinda weird but he gives it to him anyways.

a few years later his son is graduating elementary school and his dad is very proud of him and very rich so he asks again what he wants as a reward. he says “one grain of sugar” so his dad gets him one grain of sugar. he is kinda offended by this cause he is so rich and can get his son anything he wants but he keeps asking for grains of sugar.

a couple years later the son is graduating middle school and his dad asks what do you want as a reward? and the son says “one grain of sugar” and the dad, of course, gives him what he wants. He is starting to get a little mad by now. He is rich, he can get him whatever he wants.

some years pass by and the son finally graduates high school. his dad is very proud and offers to buy his son a Lamborghini. His son says “no, just one grain of sugar” and his dad obliges. He is very annoyed.

After that, the son finally graduates college as a doctor and his dad asks him what he wants as a reward. the son asks again for one grain of sugar. the dad says “i can buy you whatever you want, are you sure?” the son says “yea” so he does. 

a couple days later the son ends up in a car accident and is very injured. He is in the hospital and the dad visits him knowing he’s going to die soon and asks him “why were you asking for these grains of sugar all these years when i am rich and can get you whatever you want?” the son smiles at his dad, and dies

someone explain this to me please its driving me insane

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