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"you can pretend i don’t exist but i still made you cum"

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I need this on a shirt

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i don’t get it

Track: Unknown Sober
Artist: Unknown Childish Gambino
Album: Unknown S T N M T N / KAUAI


accidentally stuttering while saying your snarky comeback


nuke nuke

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I really just can’t wrap my head around relationships anymore. Like I thought my most recent one was going so well and then I got dumped twice in the span of a week completely out of the blue. 

And at this point I’m too scared to start a new one. Even if I was completely over my last one I’m graduating next year and there’s such a high chance that I’ll end up on the other side of the country with my career path that the thought of starting another relationship just to have to inevitably end it is so unappealing. And it’s such a bummer because I’m super lonely and my biggest fear is being alone and I just want to have that intimate connection with someone but I really don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to do so for a long time.